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Step into our Wellness Hub and immerse yourself in a world of balance and restoration. At Complete Body, we are dedicated to enhancing your well-being through a range of specialised services that cater to your mind, body, and spirit. Discover a haven where you can revitalise, relax, and embrace a life of balance and empowerment.

individual services

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Reformer Pilates

Our Reformer Pilates classes offer a low-impact workout that shapes your body, strengthens your core, and improves posture, catering to all fitness levels. Embrace the transformative combination of Reformer Pilates to embark on a fulfilling journey toward a balanced and empowered life.

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A woman laying on a bed in a sauna.

Infrared Sauna

With the added advantage of red light therapy, our infrared saunas utilise infrared light to heat the body, promoting detoxification through sweat. Experience the benefits of eliminating toxins while unwinding and relaxing after a long day in the soothing ambience of our private infrared saunas.

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Contrast Therapy

Contrast therapy combines hot and cold plunging to enhance vascular and mitochondrial health, boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, and promote recovery, while building mental toughness. Embrace this transformative therapy for improved well-being.

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Normatec compression theerapy

Normatec Compression Therapy

Experience the remarkable benefits of NormaTec Compression Therapy, including flushing lymphatic fluids and toxins from muscles, reduced inflammation, improved circulation, and accelerated recovery and rehabilitation.

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Discover the power of body-mind integration through our kinesiology services. Tap into your body's innate wisdom, address imbalances, and achieve optimal physical and emotional well-being.

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$75 | 1 hr 40 mins

The all-inclusive protocol is designed to get you back to feeling refreshed and invigorated

A woman laying on a bed in a Sauna.


$59 | 1 hr 10 mins

The ultimate detox therapy to rid your body of toxins and promote new blood flow

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$40 | 55 mins

Promote recovery to get you back to feeling 100% again


$99 / week
(Save $1000's)

Premium wellness

  • Unlimited Infrared Sauna
  • Unlimited Contrast Therapy
  • Unlimited Normatec Compression Therapy
  • Unlimited Yoga Classes
3 month minimum, paid weekly
*Must book all Sauna, Contrast, and Compression online*
Overall Price : $59 / week
(Save 50%)

essential wellness

  • 1 x Sauna visit per week
  • 1 x Contrast Therapy (Cold Plunge & Hot Plunge) visit per week
  • 1 x Normatec Compression Therapy visit per week
  • Unlimited Yoga Classes
3 month minimum, paid weekly
*Must book all Sauna, Contrast, and Compression online*

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