Benefits of Contrast Therapy

  • Improve Body's Thermal Regulation
  • Enhance Immune System
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Bolster Athletic Performance
  • Aid in Recovery and Vascular Health
  • Build Mental Toughness
Contrast Therapy


Embrace the powerful combination of hot and cold therapy, which works at a molecular level to improve vascular, mitochondrial, and mental health. Use a Hot and Cold Plunge Routine, with 3 or 4 rounds, ending in the cold. Reach a minimum exposure threshold of 11 minutes of cold each week for optimal results (you can do more). For beginners, any cold plunge colder than 19°C can activate brown fat and insulin sensitivity, making it an excellent starting point for this invigorating practice.

Our Protocol

Our protocol starts you in the cold for 3 minutes then alternates back and forth between hot and cold for a total of 4 cold immersions to ensure you reach your 11 minutes. If you cannot immerse yourself for the total time to begin with, that's completely ok. These are just guidelines for optimal health benefits.

We also recommend finishing on cold to increase metabolism and healthy fat stimulation.

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