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Why We Do What We Do

The Complete Body Lifestyle

We are here to show the people that ‘being fit’ doesn’t mean waking up at 4am every morning to pound the pavement. Our vision on being fit and healthy originates from the mind... With a happy, healthy mind, your enjoyment through exercise and that nice toned physique are the added bonus.

We have created an environment with like-minded and supportive people, where you can come along and not only be sure to have the support from the Trainers at CB, but our Fit Family members will be there to help you and make it enjoyable, every little step of the way. 

Our philosophy and our vision is to begin the Health Revolution in our society. 
  • By making health and fitness fun
  • By educating young kids and their parents on how to lead a healthy lifestyle
  • By supporting people that need that little bit more guidance and showing them that living The Complete Body Lifestyle can be easy and enjoyable. 

We want people that BELIEVE we can make a difference…

We truly believe we can make a healthy impact on Toowoomba and we would love YOU to be a part of our journey!

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Weight Loss Journey

Weight Loss Journey

If it's the first steps on your weight loss journey or those last few stubborn kilos, this program is designed to strip fat fast!

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Fitness Overhaul

Fitness Overhaul

A program designed for your fitness goals, wether it be training for an event or general fitness.

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Grit Strength


Tailored program which boosts general strength and increases muscle tone in all areas of the body.

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Result Program

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