Toowoomba Health and Fitness

Complete Body Cleanse Bootcamp

Detoxify Your Body & Mind

(15th February - 24th March)

Are you still struggling to find your rythm after the holiday break? Then you're not alone.

The Complete Body Cleanse Bootcamp is designed for that one purpose, getting you back into a healthy, happy lifestyle before it's too late... What I mean when I say 'too late' is the dreaded Winter months.
No matter how hard we try, attempting to begin our fitness regime in Winter is simply setting us up for disaster.
It's too cold, all of the naughty food tastes too good and that nice comfy bed is 10 times harder to get out of in the morning.

The key to success in the months leading up to Winter, is to be in full swing with a health and fitness program that you enjoy and allows you to set short term and long term goals, so those Winter blues don't become an option. Heading into those colder months feeling strong, fit, healthier and more confident in yourself is what our Complete Body Cleanse Bootcamp is all about.
  • Nutrition Plan from a qualified Dietitian
  • Daily challenges at home
  • Take home pack - Diet Plan, Green tea, Beauty Bed Detox Vouchers, Meditation Info
  • 3 sessions per week Tuesday 5.45pm & Thursday 5.45am Group Fitness, Friday 5.45pm T.G.I.F Yoga


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