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After 12 weeks our boxing bootcamp has now unfortunately come to an end.

This was my first bootcamp – And what an experience it has been! Big thanks to the trainers Ben, Nathan, Tiffany and Kris for taking us through boxing techniques and helping us work towards our goals with overall fitness throughout the duration of the entire bootcamp. You guys pushed for us to do our best every single session – even when we were exhausted you believed in us – That we were capable of going further; and you were right. I am sure I speak for others as well when I say that we pushed ourselves further than we ever thought we were capable of doing. And we have you guys as well as the other bootcamp members to thank for that. It is truly amazing how supportive everyone is to one another – Giving words of encouragement and acknowledging achievements no matter how small they might be. I have been fortunate enough to not only make some new friends but become a member of ‘The Fit Family’ at Complete Body Health and Fitness.

To end the bootcamp and have some fun as a group one last time we went to Emu Gully for an activity day. We participated in activities including paintball, underground tunnels, mud pits, water slides, water towers and balancing beams. It is a day that I am sure we will all remember.

This was my first bootcamp but it definitely won’t be my last bootcamp at Complete Body – It was just the starting point of a new journey!Toowoomba Health and Fitness


Toowoomba Health and FitnessBefore starting with Complete Body I had a love for fitness mainly running but felt I needed some guidance with how to achieve the results I was looking for with my strength and toning. I had tried the typical gym membership before and thought this time I needed something more one on one.

I love the way the staff at Complete Body work on your individual goals through the work outs and helping with diet.

It only took a few weeks to see results in my strength I then started to notice my clothes were fitting more comfortably and from that came self-confidence both in myself and in my appearance. Because of seeing results I have continued my training and still loving it. I have so far never done the same work out twice so each session is interesting and pushes you to a new level. Toowoomba Health and Fitness


Toowoomba Health and Fitness I have been going to gyms for years and I have never really put a lot of effort in because of being scared of hurting my back that is until I started going to Complete Body. I happily drive across town to my sessions with Ben knowing that when I leave I will have nothing left in the tank! He will push you but not so you hurt yourself. In the last 6months doing two PT sessions & one or two runs a week, I have dropped a dress size, people are noticing and I feel confident in my own skin! I feel stronger and I feel awesome to be able to actually do push-ups off of my toes!

Thanks Ben for making me feel stronger & more confident! Toowoomba Health and Fitness


Toowoomba Health and Fitness Just over two years ago, the idea of going for a run seemed so far out of reach it was impossible. It even seemed impossible to make it around a short block run without stopping. Losing 45kgs and going from a size 24 to a size 14 has certainly helped me make it around the block! However, the best thing I have achieved is a love of exercising and most surprisingly I’ve become a ‘runner’! I now go for runs at least once a week and regularly participate in parkrun. I’ve even completed a 10km fun-run. My new lifestyle has also inspired me to learn more about food, behaviour and exercise so I am now studying Human Nutrition at Deakin University. If you’ve ever thought any of your weight loss or fitness goals were impossible, I can assure you that anything is possible. Having an awesome PT to keep you on track, friendly and encouraging people to train with and consistency will get you on the way to achieving those goals. Thank you Complete Body! Toowoomba Health and Fitness


Toowoomba Health and Fitness My experience with Complete Body started 9 months ago. In that time I have lost 12kgs and reduced my body fat percentage and general fitness. I have always played competitive sport and was happy to play sport and keep myself active throughout the week but slowly my weight was climbing up. I realised what I was doing on my own wasn’t enough and joined Complete Body. The type of classes are designed to maximise lean muscle and fat loss through. Although challenging, my mantra has always to do the best I can and to keep moving. What I once thought difficult is now easier. With a smaller gym, I responded to being measured regularly and weekly and monthly goals being set for me. Toowoomba Health and Fitness


Toowoomba Health and Fitness In my younger days there was always sport hockey/netball/squash. These days it’s more convenient to belong to a gym, it’s important these days for exercise to maintain movement and bone health. I had tried other gyms and hiring my own treadmill but I really didn’t like the ‘machine thing’ so it was really hard to make a commitment to exercise. I have been coming to Complete Body for over 2 years, regularly 3 times a week, that in itself speaks volumes. I love group sessions, everyone is encouraging and no-one gets left behind. I also love the class timetable, as they fit in well with work and family commitments. During the last 2 years I have made acquaintances and long term friends, some have moved on but we still keep in touch. In all honesty the motto ‘all for one and one for all’ really does apply to our little family at Complete Body. I have lost a few kilos and a dress size or two, but more importantly I’m keeping everything moving with support from Ben and his staff. Toowoomba Health and Fitness


Toowoomba Health and Fitness I had always exercised regularly and tried to keep fit prior to joining Complete Body but struggled to get the results I wanted. I joined complete body 2 years ago doing both group fitness and PT and have continued to train with them ever since after finding, for the first time EVER, I was able to achieve the goals I wanted to. The group fitness classes are varied, fun and friendly and the personal training is highly motivating and good fun. I love training at Complete Body and since training with them, I have noticed my own motivation to achieving goals has increased due to their support and encouragement. I wouldn’t want to train anywhere else. Toowoomba Health and Fitness


Toowoomba Health and Fitness Before training at complete body I’d spent most of my 30s and 40s keeping fit through running, some personal training, gym sessions and group fitness classes. Nothing really inspired me for long or seemed to give me noticeable results I wanted. So, I would often just ‘go through the motions’ knowing that I had to do something to keep fit. Having trained with Ben for two years now, I realize that for me to enjoy and commit to a fitness program I need to feel that I am known and valued as a client. That’s why I enjoy training at Complete Body and why I have achieved the best results ever. I am far more committed and disciplined because I enjoy the variety of training options available, the genuine interest of the trainers in my progress and well being and overall sense of camaraderie amongst members. I’ve never felt better! Toowoomba Health and Fitness


Toowoomba Health and Fitness I have always been a gym member at various and most of the past and present gyms in Toowoomba. Since joining Complete Body and Fitness the real difference I notice about the classes they are tailored to get results and the workouts are different every class every week. This seems to be the difference in the results I have achieved, I am fit and also I FIT into my clothes so much nicer than ever before.

I have made new friendships and enjoy the workouts everyday! Toowoomba Health and Fitness


Toowoomba Health and Fitness I’ve always been interested in keeping fit and healthy, however the routine I had before joining Complete Body was getting a bit tired. I was attending the same classes or going to the gym to run on a treadmill- I was just going through the motions of what I thought would keep me fit.

I keep training with Complete Body as I’ve got excellent results from the training style. No matter who is training you, they have your best interest at heart and tailor the sessions to suit you. I always feel welcome and of course ENCOURAGED not only by the trainers but by the Complete Body community. I love that the sessions are always different which keeps me interested and of course my body guessing. I really enjoy the sense of team at Complete Body with the other members- I’ve been to gyms and seen those ‘clicky types’ and steered away from that, however the community at CB is totally different. New members are made to feel welcome, I’ve even made a few close friends from attending the Bootcamps!

I push myself harder and of course my fitness has improved two fold! I want to get out of bed to go to Complete Body- as I know I’ll always feel ten times better after I’ve been. Toowoomba Health and Fitness


Toowoomba Health and Fitness I started training at Complete Body from the time it first opened at that time I was looking for goal /motivation to continue training because I didn’t seem to be getting anything out of my training any more. I found the training style to be challenging and some days difficult but with encouragement I pushed through and quickly began to see results.
I continue to train at Complete Body because I continuously have to challenge myself with each class and I need that to stay motivated and maintain the results I have achieved. Thanks guys! Toowoomba Health and Fitness


Toowoomba Health and Fitness I recently completed the Amazing Race Boot Camp at Complete Body Health and Fitness. The Bootcamp was two group sessions run twice a week that combines fitness, team work, cognitive thought, a tiny bit of competition and fun! The combination has been great to keep me interested in training. It ran for nine weeks and the sessions run were intense but achievable, because the intensity stepped up each week as everyone’s fitness improved. I have witnessed my fitness increase rapidly over this time and it has helped me achieve my body goals. This wouldn’t have been possible without the friendly faces of the other boot campers and the motivating trainers at the studio who have been fantastic encouragement and support. I would recommend anyone to give this a go as although challenging, as anything worth doing is, nothing beats feeling strong and in control of your body and health. Toowoomba Health and Fitness


Toowoomba Health and Fitness I have been attending Complete Body Health and Fitness for over 2 years. I love the variety of the classes and the friendly faces that I see each class. I love the trainers AFTER each class, as during each session they ‘encourage’ me to work hard, which I know Is why I go and why I get the results with my fitness. The classes are always different and entertaining. I appreciate that I am always greeted by name by the trainers and other gym members and really enjoy the friendly ‘vibe’ of the Gym. We work hard, but have fun along the way.

Thanks for keeping me powering along Ben and the team. Whenever I feel a little unmotivated, you are all there to encourage me back on the path to increased health and fitness. Toowoomba Health and Fitness


Toowoomba Health and Fitness Last year I was diagnosed with lupus and put on an allergy free diet. However, the weight was not coming off. So I asked for help and increased my yoga sessions to yoga group fitness sessions and personal training. With hard work and persistence the weight came off. 31 kilos in 5 and a half months. In 8 months I have lost 37 kilos and reached my ultimate goal of 60 kilos. This time last year I would become pale and exhausted very easily now I have energy to burn run 2 .6 kms in 14 minutes and lift 30 kilo weights like their nothing. I’m so grateful to have my health and life back. THANK YOU Toowoomba Health and Fitness

Jane Stawski
37KGS to date!

Toowoomba Health and Fitness I started group fitness classes with Ben in late 2012 with the hope of losing a few kgs from having my first baby. Seeing the great results others in the classes were achieving, in February 2013, I signed up for an eight week challenge which included personal training. This is when I finally started seeing results. I lost over 7kgs in the challenge and have continued seeing great results since then. I am now up to over 30kgs lost and many more cms. Not only have I lost my baby weight, but I am now smaller than at my high school formal (18 years ago) and fitter than I have ever been. My personal training sessions with Ben were really the key to this success as he made a genuine effort to understand my goals and also made me believe I was capable of achieving them. Ben also made me understand that success also meant changing my diet. And through that I have achieved great results!! Toowoomba Health and Fitness

Toni Chardon
I’m smaller than I was in high school!

Toowoomba Health and Fitness In August 2013 I made the decision to joint Complete Body Yoga & Fitness at High Street Plaza. There were 4 reasons i wanted to start my weight loss journey. 1 – I was about to turn 60 2 – I was very overweight 3 – I was very unfit And the MAIN REASON 4 – Chronic lower back pain! Ben believed that he could fix my back problems with his training techniques and the fitness and weight loss would follow. I started training with 2 sessions per week, one with Ben and the other with Nathan. Within 4 weeks all my back pain had gone and i was losing fat! My fitness improved with every PT session. I have been pain free for 6 months and i am heading towards my target weight. I believe I am now fitter now than i have been in 30 years. I feel that starting my journey with Complete Body was one of the best decisions i have made in a long while. I would certainly not be as fit and healthy as I am now if I had tried to do it myself. They give me the motivation to push and achieve goals every week. Toowoomba Health and Fitness


Toowoomba Health and Fitness 10kg lost, 12.7% body fat reached! Results I never believed I could achieve! I have always been someone who exercises regularly but have always struggled to lose weight. Having given up smoking 12 months ago I found I had piled on a few extra kg and with a visit home to the UK pending I decided I needed to do something about it, so I challenged Ben to help me loose 7kg in 3 months in preparation for my trip! Never did I think I would achieve it. With a combination of PT with Ben and group fitness classes I achieved my goal and went back to the UK lighter and fitter than I had ever been. Since my return I have continued with my training regime and continue to see great results, with new goals being set all the time! Complete Body Yoga and Fitness makes achieving your goals a reality. I look forward to seeing what I can achieve next! Toowoomba Health and Fitness


Toowoomba Health and Fitness I had got serious about my weight loss and fitness in January 2013 and had started running again and had got back to a level of fitness that I thought was pretty good for a 55 year old. I introduced myself to Ben back in August 2013 he offered me a couple of trial sessions with him. I quickly realised that my cardio fitness was lacking greatly! I have done 3 half hour sessions a week since August 2013 and have noticed the improvement to my fitness and my muscle structure. An orthopaedic surgeon who assessed my bad shoulders basically told me that all I could do at this point was to maintain them but I truly believe that they are slowly improving due to increased muscle as a direct result of the training regime Ben has structured for me. For anyone thinking about starting with a trainer or perhaps increasing your existing training I would not hesitate to recommend Ben & staff from Complete Body Yoga & Fitness. A very satisfied & fitter customer!! Toowoomba Health and Fitness


Toowoomba Health and Fitness Ben, Kylie & Tori, you guys are always so motivating and friendly. You are the reason we keep coming back!
Keep it up, a big thankyou!! Toowoomba Health and Fitness

Tayla 22

Toowoomba Health and Fitness fitCAMP is a love/hate relationship, but we definitely love it more! Tori’s personal training has been amazing too! Everyone is so friendly! Thanks guys! Toowoomba Health and Fitness


Toowoomba Health and Fitness In 8 months i have lost 37 kilos and reached my ultimate goal of 60 kilos! This time last year i would become pale and exhausted very easily, now i have energy to burn – I run 2.6km in 14 minutes and lift 30 kilo weights over my head like they’re nothing! I am so grateful to have my health and life back! Toowoomba Health and Fitness


Toowoomba Health and Fitness Great sessions! Either in classes or PT! Toowoomba Health and Fitness


Toowoomba Health and Fitness I like that I am pushing myself to new limits everyday, with great trainers and fellow fitness people. First place i have ever been to where people go out of their way to know your name – High five to that!! Toowoomba Health and Fitness


Toowoomba Health and Fitness fitCAMP love it love it love it! The trainers – you guys are awesome!! Toowoomba Health and Fitness

Ashleigh 18

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